Jennifer Perusek

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Jennifer Perusek of Granger, IN

Jennifer Perusek

Jennifer Perusek is a  top veterinarian in the industry and serves the great people and animals of Granger at the Animal Clinic of Granger. Perusek believes in the power of a great veterinarian, but acknowledges that finding that great veterinarian can be a bit of a hassle if you are not sure what boxes to check off. In order to ensure every pet gets the proper care that they deserve, she has outlined the best features to look for in a veterinarian.

The greatest asset in the search for a veterinarian is your own network of friends who are also pet owners that can provide information on a vet’s public opinion. We are all aware that there’s a strong relationship that bonds a pet owner and a vet that cannot be downplayed and, as a result, it is important that our vets offer everything we need in a professional. Jennifer Perusek reports that friends are also a valuable resource in the search for a quality veterinarian because you can directly ask them the questions pertaining to things that are most important to you. Information on a vet’s bedside matter, sophistication of technology and resources available, etc. can often be best explained by a trusted friend rather than a few online reviews. It’s also always a good idea to call the staff of a veterinary practice and make sure that the people you would be utilizing to schedule appointments are friendly and courteous. The staff is the first line of communication for the office and it is important that they seem hospitable and profession in your personal opinion.

When you arrive at a new veterinary practice, it’s not the worst thing in the world for there to be a wait. In fact, if the office is completely empty, it’s not necessarily a great sign as to the quality of care you may receive there. You should want a veterinarian that is in demand and has earned the trust of other pet owners. Pet owners can be a difficult clientele to fully satisfy, and unwavering client support is almost always a positive sign that can often be reflective of the quality of service. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about fees as well as other specific questions you may have as it pertains to your pets.  It is also a good idea to find out if pet insurance coverage is accepted and whether it’s worth the cost  for your breed and type of animal, as this information may differ from place to place and can be instrumental to your final decision. 

The last two steps to finding your ideal veterinarian is to ensure that the location is close enough in the event of a medical emergency for your pet. Also, make sure that your veterinarian is okay with you seeking a second opinion. A close veterinarian in case of emergencies can be an extreme help should your pet require immediate assistance, and, in some cases, your pet’s odds of recovery are proportional to how quickly they can be helped by a professional. Your vet approving you seeking a second opinion is important because any medical professional worth their salt should be more than okay with you checking in with other doctors in the event of a serious medical decision. A veterinarian that does not view their opinions as an end all be all is valuable because it means that the vet may be less likely to be stumped if inconsistencies arise in their evaluations. An accepting demeanor is also reflective of a vet’s people and client service skills, which will be immensely important should you need to consult them.

For more great information in the world of animal care, stop back to the website often as Jennifer Perusek will be updating the blog regularly with tips to help pet owners.