Jennifer Perusek Discusses the Most Common Mistakes Made By New Dog Owners

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Jennifer Perusek is one of the top veterinarians in the industry and has been recognized for her great work at the Animal Clinic of Granger. As a veterinarian, Jennifer Perusek totally understands the overwhelming love a new pet can bring to a family. However, the excitement surrounding a new pet shouldn’t prevent new dog owners from providing proper guidance. Today, Jennifer Perusek of the Animal Clinic of Granger will break down common mistakes new dog

The greatest mistake of new dog owners is avoiding basic training and socialization. Jennifer Perusek is quick to point out that different breeds of dog require more training than others, but all dogs need some training. When an owner looks at training as a fun activity as opposed to homework, it becomes a lot easier. The best tip is to track your dog’s progress as it can be extremely rewarding. When it comes to socialization, the more exposure a dog gets to other animals, family members and other elements early on, the fewer issues will come later in the dog’s life.

Another big thing for a dog’s development is getting enough exercise. As a veterinarian, Jennifer Perusek sees dogs that become lethargic and overweight all the time. It’s important to take a dog for walks and provide them with an involvement where they can get out and about. People who work long hours and can’t dedicate time to taking their dog out should really consider whether or not a dog is right type of pet for them.

Too often, Jennifer Perusek and other veterinarians don’t meet a dog until they are sick. Just like humans, dogs need regular well visits. Sometimes, dog owners are well-intentioned, but may not be providing their dog with the best diet for their unique needs. Insights can be provided by vets that can keep your dog healthy and happy for the long haul.

While dogs are like humans in some way, they do obviously require different types of medications. One of the largest needs is heartworm prevention medication. Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos and can be present across the United States. A great veterinarian like Jennifer Perusek can ensure that a dog gets the proper medication to prevent the catastrophic impact of heartworm disease. If you are currently considering a dog, it’s a great choice! Dogs are loving and caring and can bring sun to dark days. It’s just important that new pet owners take the time to learn all they can about their new family member before bringing the pup home!

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