Jennifer Perusek Provides Ways to Prepare for a New Pet

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Many animal lovers will come to a point where they are looking to adopt a pet of their own. While adopting is a commendable path for a potential pet owner to take, it can be a bit of a stressful process if you are unaware of the best steps to take. In this article, veterinary expert Jennifer Perusek provides a short list of steps to help families or individuals attempting to adopt.

Consider Your Lifestyle: One of the biggest steps towards adopting a new pet is establishing an understanding of what kind of animal would best fit your lifestyle. This involves a bit of self-reflection for you and your family, but it should not be a difficult process when the time is dedicated to deciding. For example, a family that is outdoor oriented would probably want to search for an animal that enjoys exercising and playing. Homebodies, on the other hand, will most likely be best matched with an animal that does not require much outdoor time and prefers to play indoors. Jennifer Perusek encourages families to not typecast animals during this stage of the adoption process. Not every dog will be playful and active, just like how not every cat will be lazy and low energy. With this in mind, finding the perfect pet with a preferred lifestyle that fits your own will require a bit of work, but it will ultimately ensure happiness down the road.

Do Your Research: Research is one of the cornerstones of an educated decision. Jennifer Perusek acknowledges that, when searching for a pet, research will go a long way to deciding what type of pet would be best for you. It is important to keep in mind that animals will not always exhibit the qualities that they are known for but researching the types of animals and breeds that would be best for you and your family will help the process. In the research phase of the adoption process, aspiring pet owners can get a head-start viewing the animals being held at local animal shelters. This puts a lot less pressure out of the visiting process.

Visit Adoption Centers: Even though online resources can be utilized to view and arrange visits with animals at an adoption center, there is no substitute for visiting the facility to meet with potential pets. Jennifer Perusek notes that most places to adopt an animal will require an in-person meeting for several reasons. Not only do centers need to evaluate your suitability as a pet owner, but meeting face to face is the best way to tell whether you have a rapport with the pet you are hoping to adopt. The visiting stage of the adoption process is also a great time to ask questions that you may have amassed during your research.

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