Jennifer Perusek Explains How to Bond with Your Rabbit

Pets that are different from the established norm often get a bad reputation for not being lovable and dependable animals, a point that Jennifer Perusek and other veterinary experts find disheartening as different pets have just as much capacity to be great friends to their owners. Many believe that this idea is because individuals mistakenly […]

Jennifer Perusek Provides Ways to Prepare for a New Pet

Many animal lovers will come to a point where they are looking to adopt a pet of their own. While adopting is a commendable path for a potential pet owner to take, it can be a bit of a stressful process if you are unaware of the best steps to take. In this article, veterinary […]

Jennifer Perusek Presents Ways to Tell That Your Cat Loves You

As a leader in the veterinary space, Jennifer Perusek has interacted with many individuals about common pet behaviors and preferences. One thing that is often observed is that individuals may think that their pet does not hold affection for them, and this is particularly the case with animals considered to be less expressive such as; […]

Jennifer Perusek Discusses the Most Common Mistakes Made By New Dog Owners

Jennifer Perusek is one of the top veterinarians in the industry and has been recognized for her great work at the Animal Clinic of Granger. As a veterinarian, Jennifer Perusek totally understands the overwhelming love a new pet can bring to a family. However, the excitement surrounding a new pet shouldn’t prevent new dog owners […]

Adopting a Cat or Dog from Local Shelter is Win-Win Scenario, Jennifer Perusek says

When a child approaches their parents about adopting a pet, the conversation can take one of two directions. A “no” for the time being or a drive to the local shelter. It’s often the latter and that’s encouraging to Jennifer Perusek, a veterinarian and avowed animal-lover who wants to see creatures in need end up […]